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Chicago-area pawn shops are a great source of many things – not just pawning. To name just a few:

  1. Get a temporary loan against collateral
  2. Sell a personal item
  3. Find a great, unique gift 
  4. Repair jewelry and other products
  5. Scout out valuable merchandise

Yet these familiar neighborhood shops don’t always have the best reputation. This is unfortunate, as the above services are highly valuable, and you never know when you might decide to use this popular neighborhood service. With so many different pawning businesses around, it’s vital to know a little about the one you choose to do business with. That way you can be sure you’re getting a good deal, as well as access to high-quality items and trustworthy loan services.

To Help You Find High Quality Merchandise in Chicago

Typically, all of the merchandise in a pawn shop once belonged to someone else. An experienced and reputable pawner will take time to determine the value of the items brought into the store. Doing so requires having a good eye and a fair amount of expertise in assessing the worth of a whole range of belongings, from precious gems and vintage jewelry to guitars and gaming consoles. 

Some of the varied merchandise you might be able to find under one roof include:

  • Valuable watches
  • Family heirlooms
  • Artwork
  • Antique jewelry
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronics
  • Gaming equipment
  • Curiosities

Has there been any damage or repairs needed? Because the merchandise has been owned or used by a previous owner, you may want to know more about it to conclude what a fair price would be for you. 

To Accurately Evaluate Jewelry, Watches and Other Valuables

One misconception is that products at a pawn shop aren’t very valuable. However, you might be surprised at how many folks will want to sell precious gems and other valuables they have inherited from family members. For this group, selling to a pawner is often more desirable than finding a buyer online. Therefore, those products can go for less since they didn’t come in at market price. 

All of which is to say: it’s important to vet a pawner the same way that they vet the products that come through their door. What would the item have originally sold at? What would it go for now if new? Most consumers aren’t also experts in assessing value, and that can leave them vulnerable to being taken advantage of by disreputable players. 

Be sure you’re doing business at an establishment with a solid track record and great reputation in the area where it operates. 

Contact Established, Trusted, Full-Service Pawnbroker at Fullerton in Chicago

To avoid fly-by-night pawners, work with a highly reputable business such as Fullerton Pawners, which has a proven history of excellence in the neighborhood where we have been doing business for decades. We provide cash loans – but also do much more:

  • Diamond Sales
  • Cash Purchases
  • Inventory Assessments
  • Repairs of Jewelry, Watches & Other Items
  • Sales on Broad Diversity of Merchandise 

Contact us online, or call us at 773-637-9999 for more information on what we can do for you today!

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