Have some items that you want a professional eye on? It might be time to unlock the rich history of some of your beloved antiques with the help of Fullerton Pawners in the Chicagoland area. 

Why Choose & Trust Fullerton Pawners?

When you bring your items in, we don’t just do a simple appraisal of your item. We are a team of passionate antique specialists who go above and beyond in delivering you a deep understanding of the value of any items that you bring to us. We always make sure that we are offering you a comprehensive and accurate appraisal every step of the way. From cherished family items or thrift finds, we are confident in our expertise and knowledge in truly uncovering the rich stories behind your antique pieces. 

With years of experience under our belt, our team has honed their skills in evaluating, identifying, and properly valuing a large array of antique items. We make sure that we carefully examine each piece you bring in while drawing on our extensive knowledge to provide you with insightful appraisals. What sets Fullerton Pawners in the Chicagoland area apart from other appraisal agencies is our unique approach and historical knowledge, ensuring all of our clients receive accurate valuations. 

Our Trusted Reputation & How We Work

When you trust us in valuing your items, you’re entrusting a team of antique enthusiasts and collectors alike. Our unique style of transparent processes of appraisals makes sure that you’re receiving the most accurate valuations possible. Our mission stands to give you the peace of mind of knowing your valued pieces are being properly appraised. 

Wondering how to get started? The first step in getting your items seen by our team of antique specialists, schedule an initial consultation to bring in your items. Our team of professionals can offer you an in-person or virtual appointment that will accommodate your scheduling needs. Once you bring in your antiques, our office will begin evaluating your pieces collectively. 

Our antique specialists go through the following steps in order to deliver the top-notch appraisal you are looking for: 

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Receive items for initial appraisal 
  • Expert valuation from multiple members of the antique specialist team
  • Asses age, condition, provenance, and market demand
  • Receive a detailed report with descriptions and photographs – highlighting the estimated value and historical significance

Discover The True Value of Your Antiques With Our Antique Specialists By Your Side

Let Fullerton Pawners in the Chicagoland area give you the detailed appraisal you’re looking for, and experience the expertise we are known for offering all of our clients. Dive into the world of antiques with the help of our specialists, and uncover the mysteries of your items. Entrust us with your antiques and let us unveil their hidden stories together. 

Schedule your consultation today, or fill out our contact form to get started and get more information on how to get started! We look forward to working together.

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