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If you have a lot of holiday gift shopping to do, have you considered visiting a pawn shop? Local pawn shops tend to carry items you won’t find anywhere else, and typically at a reduced price. Some pawn shops even partner with other businesses on popular inventory. 

While you’re there, you can also bring in your merchandise for a temporary loan to cover all of your holiday needs. For example, Fullerton Pawners, which is located in dozens of Chicagoland neighborhoods, can handle many services for their clients:

  • Loan appraisals
  • Jewelry sales
  • Cash loans
  • Watch and computer repairs
  • Much more

But this time of year, a trusted pawner is also your best bet for unique, inexpensive gifts you won’t find anywhere else. There are a few reasons people should do their holiday shopping at pawn shops:

Diversity of Gift Options

Are you in search of beautiful, antique earrings for your girlfriend? How about a cool gaming console for your nephew that you can’t find anywhere else? From nice watches to televisions and other electronics, pawn shops have some of the most unique inventory around. And you can pick up your gift items at a lower cost than what you would have to spend somewhere else. 

Better Prices Let You Buy More Presents

It goes without saying: the better prices at pawn shops leave more dollars in your pocket. This year, forget the overpriced items. Save your cash and get something special for yourself, as well. You might end up spending just half of what you would on a similar item somewhere else. 

Vintage Gifts Rule

When shopping for loved ones, there’s always the risk that they have the item you bought – or that they might get something similar from someone else. With so many shoppers heading to the same big box stores and websites, it can be difficult to find original items

Holiday gifting should be special! And vintage items are always popular, now more than ever. Find out what vintage items are available. That retro-loving friend on your list will thank you. 

Buy Back Something You Hawked – or Get a Loan for Holiday Shopping

The holidays can be an opportunity to buy back that item you hawked that you need back, perhaps as a gift to someone else. But mostly, pawn shops give you an opportunity to sell something temporarily for a small loan you need around the holidays. When a bank isn’t an option, pawners are a great alternative for someone needing a loan of $500 or $1,000. Some reasons for this:

  1. No credit history needed
  2. A temporary financial solution
  3. Easy access to cash
  4. Pay it back with no questions asked
  5. No bank account necessary

Skip the Crowds. Pawn Shopping Is Fun!

Each pawn shop is unique, and in today’s world, that says something. But around the holidays, especially, shopping can be a nightmare. The holiday season should be about enjoying yourself and supporting neighborhood businesses, not waiting in lines or haggling over expensive products. 

Skip the crowds and the headache. Visit small neighborhood shops instead, and remind yourself what originality looks like.

Talk to Full-Service Pawnbroker at Fullerton Pawners In Chicago

Just like with the gifts themselves, there’s a broad variety of pawners out there, from trustworthy ones to those that should be avoided. 

Do some window shopping this season! Stop and have a conversation with the salespeople about what they’re offering, eye-catching displays, and any good deals they may have. An experienced broker will know about the item because they vet what comes in the door. You might want to find out:

  • How old is it?
  • Was it gently used?
  • How do they test the conditions of items?
  • What is the market value (vs asking price)?
  • Are there any other selling points?
  • Are there other comparable items in store?

Contact Fullerton Pawners online, or call us at 773-637-9999 for more information on what we can do for you this holiday season!

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